Yuta Kawasaki

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     My name is Yuta Kawasaki and I am a 24 year filmmaker
living in Los Angeles. My career as a filmmaker started at
Los Angeles City College by learning all aspects of the Cinema
Production, and now I am majoring in Multimedia Production
at California State University, Northridge. Since 2007, I have
done more than 50 student films and about 10 professional
work mostly as a director and a cinematographer.

     I always take care of the sensitivity of my filmmaking.
It is called "Wabi-Sabi" in Japanese culture. I always put
a piece of something exciting in my work so that it can make
people feel fun.

     Except for filmmaking, I like playing games and sports,
singing, watching movies, and observing people around me.
I am a happy outgoing person and love to meet new people and
new communities. Now, you are reading this website, so which
means I am curious to you!!

     I would like to be a creator who always brings smiles onto
people's face. I hope my art work remain in people's life.

 -Yuta Kawasaki


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